Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines

Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines are used all over the world. They mainly originate from Italy and many companies in Italy still manufacture and produce the majority of machines sold throughout the globe. Some have expanded into other countries and have set up manufacturing facilities there but many still export to distributers or subsidiary companies based overseas. The practical use of these Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines is wherever large quantities of coffee are consumed and a member of staff is available to dispense the drinks. Basic training on the usage of the machine is normally given on installation although full barista training is advisable where specialist coffees are an option. The machines come in various sizes, those venues that only require under 50 coffees per day but want to have a good freshly ground coffee to offer their customers would use a one group machine. The alternative to this would be a Bean to Cup machine which although it would give more options such as Hot Chocolate and dispensed drinks at the touch of a button doesn’t normally offer a fresh milk or cream facility and would be considerably more expensive to purchase. The Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines most commonly used in the UK are two group machines which are perfectly adequate to cover most restaurants, cafes and bars, even busy ones, which sell food. These are available in Automatic and Semi Automatic, Compact, Tall or useable with LPG gas. The Semi automatic allows staff to operate the machine manually in order to adjust the strength to a customer’s taste. It is normally Barista qualified staff who operate these machines. The automatic machines are pre-programmed to dispense a standard dose of coffee therefore ensuring a consistent [...]

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Coffee Shop Coffee Machines

Coffee Shop Coffee Machines come in all different shapes and sizes. The two main types are Espresso Machines and Bean to Cup machines. However, dependent on the size and location of the venue these also come in a variety of sizes and capacity. Espresso Coffee Shop Coffee Machines would normally be either the two group machine which handles small to large coffee shops with each group handle making two cups of coffee at the same time. These machines are generally made in Italy or made to an Italian design. The cafe on the high street is where you would normally see these particular machines. Hotels, Bars, Cinema’s and other venues where coffee is not the main ingredient sold find the two group espresso adequate for their trade. Larger machines, the three and four group machines are found in the specialist coffee shops around the country, mainly in the larger chains such as Starbucks and Cafe Nero where the main item selling is coffee. The espresso machines found in UK tend to be mainly two group and supplied under a variety of brand names such as La Spaziale, Rancilio, Fracino, La Marzocca, Faema, Expobar, Stafco and many others. Al the machines can be produced in either Automatic or semi automatic form. The semi automatic machine tends to be for the use of Barista trained staff who are able to vary the strength of the brew manually to alter the flavour of the drink. The automatic machine gives a consistent and perfect cup of coffee every time. The other type of Coffee Shop Coffee Machines are the Bean to Cup models made to be user friendly and which produce drinks at the push of a button. These [...]

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Coffee Machine Suppliers

N.W. Coffee Machines Suppliers service the North West of England which includes the beautiful Lakes District and its tourism industry, three major cities of Lancaster, Preston and Manchester, although strictly speaking Manchester its has own specific Greater Manchester area but is in close proximity therefore can be included. For those N.W. Coffee Machine Suppliers working in the area it is clear that although a good part of the area is scenic and not highly populated, the major towns and cities have plenty of scope for the sale of Coffee Machines of all kinds. Blackpool with its hundreds of Hotels and entertainment centres is one of the largest markets for N.W. Coffee Machine Suppliers and Cool Beans Coffee UK being based there is one of the main players. The challenge for all N.W. Coffee Machine Suppliers is the range of equipment needed to cover the variety of venues in not only the tourist areas but the industrial and commercial venues as well. Under commercial I include places like large offices, hospitals, universities, colleges, health centres, libraries and all the other places that have to supply coffee and other beverages to their customers. The most popular machines for restaurants, cafes, specialist coffee shops and some of the larger bars and entertainment centres are Espresso machines. These come in a range of sizes from 1 group to 4 group for the very busy large specialist coffee venues and are either automatic or semi automatic. The automatic machine is generally used by those not barista trained and give a consistent quality drink with measured doses. For those who are barista trained, the semi automatic allows them to vary the strength and coffee dose by manually judging how much is [...]

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London Coffee Suppliers

London Coffee Suppliers have a mammoth task providing the area with blends of coffee to suit all tastes. The cosmopolitan nature of this capitol city means that not only do the customers come from all over the country to live there but also from all over the globe. Where a person comes from often defines their taste in food and beverages, as what they were used to as a child or within their culture has an influence on what they like to eat and drink as an adult. London Coffee Suppliers are kept busy all he year round as not only is London a major tourist attraction in general but it has a large robust business and industrial side which attracts visitors to the area constantly. Not all will need coffee beans; some will need ground coffee either in bulk brew packs or filter machine sachets dependent on the type of machine being used. Hotels will normally have a Bulk brew machine for their restaurants especially in the larger establishments where breakfast,t lunch and dinner is served. The volume doesn’t lend itself to using bean to cup or espresso machines as they would not be fast enough to serve a large dining area where a possible 100 people would be sitting down to eat at the same time. They would also have, either in a coffee shop or Bar within the hotel an espresso machine in order to cater for the more discerning customer who during the day or evening would like a freshly produced latte or cappuccino. London Coffee Suppliers need to be able to supply a large range of Coffee bean blends, a range of filter coffee blends in bulk brew and filter [...]

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UK Coffee Suppliers

  Coffee is now one of the most popular drinks in the UK and is to be found in many different forms. Coffee Beans in hundreds of blends grace the coffee houses of our island and can be made to produce several different types of coffee drink such as Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Espresso, and variations on these delicious beverages. However, UK Coffee Suppliers are able to produce not only the beans but ground or instant versions as well. After the raw coffee beans arrive in the country they are processed in roasting plants which not only roast the beans but blend them to arrive at many different flavours to suit every palate. Coffee from all over the world is blended together making these special mixes which could be from Ethiopia and Kenya, or Brazil and Jamaica or virtually any other combination required to get the right taste and strength for the customer throughout the UK. The term UK Coffee Suppliers could mean the farmers who send the raw beans to us, the shippers who bring it from other parts of the globe or the roasters themselves. It is usually connected with firms like Cool Beans Coffee UK who buy from the roasters the processed coffee and sell to the catering industry and others who have need of the end product. UK Coffee Suppliers can usually provide blended coffee beans, ground coffee blends or instant coffees for various types of coffee machines whether they be espresso, bean to cup or vending machines which use the instant varieties. Cool Beans Coffee UK, as one of these companies, not only supplies all these types of coffees but the equipment to make the drinks. Whether a large 3 or [...]

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La Spaziale S5 Coffee Machine.

  The La Spaziale S5 coffee machine is a great looking piece of equipment for any traditional coffee shop. It is Available as a fully automatic version or a semi – automatic. This is a serious bit of kit for the experienced or novice Barista. With a sleek elegance and a classic Italian look, it is one of our favourites in the La Spaziale range. It is extremely functional in everyday usage and partially customisable. What makes La Spaziale special is the patented heat exchange system. This heats the brewing water with steam, which is a reliable method. It also helps to avoid a build up of limescale. Specific points to the La Spaziale S5 Heat Exchange System Temperature control on the group heads 2 reliable steam wands and water outlet. Electronic water boiler temperature regulation and steam and water operation with levers, making it user friendly. Automatic temperature boost and boiler temperature led lighting. The different versions of this machine include the Takeaway model ( T.A ). This allows for the use of larger glasses or takeaway cups under the group handles. Making it easier to pour takeaway drinks. The Fully automatic version ( E.K ) and the manual model. Most of our clients use the E.K version. A great feature of these machines is the ability to find the sweet spot of your particular coffee bean by adjusting the temperature yourself. This allows you to be in control without the need for an engineer. The Standard measurements for a La Spaziale S5 Coffee machine, E.K 2 Group are as follows. Dimensions 770x530x520 Weight 65 Boiler capacity 10 Power supply and power absorption Volt 400/220/240 Hz 50/60 W 3500 W+ 4500 The La Spaziale [...]

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Liverpool Coffee Machines

Liverpool, although not the largest city in the North, is historically a very important one. In 1207 King John’s letter patent founded the borough of Liverpool but by the 1600 century its population was still very small at around 500. There was slow progress made in the 17th century with both trade and population growth due to the English Civil War and in 1644 an Act of Parliament made it a parish, the same year as the first slave ship sailed for Africa. Substantial profits made in the slave trade helped Liverpool to prosper and grow even although several prominent Liverpool locals were in the forefront of the abolitionist movement. The 19th Century saw Liverpool playing a major role in the Antarctic Sealing industry which is shown by the fact that Liverpool Beach in the Shetlands is named after the city. By the early 19th century Liverpool grew tremendously due to the large volume of trade the construction of major buildings and also the first intercity rail link which was formed with Manchester. The mid 1800’s saw an influx of immigrants from Ireland escaping the famine and by 1851 25% of Liverpool’s population was Irish born. The rest of the century continued with immigrants from all over Europe diverging on the city. The 20th Century bloomed with suburban housing estates expanding the population even more, however recognised as the second city during world war 2 Liverpool was heavily bombed and suffered considerable damage. The building continued at the end of the war with more new housing estates and inner city areas being redeveloped. Many changes and improvements continued and then in the 60’s the Beatles catapulted the city into the eyes of the world. Along [...]

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Yiannis Verenakis. The story so far.

  Our sponsored athlete and his story so far .... Well its been a year since my last blog and what a year of success I've had! I started the year training under the guidance of Britain's strongest man runner up and euros strongest man bronze medalist Graham Hicks and my training went to a new level. First comp of the year was the British finals in march where a place on the British team for this years internationals was at stake. I had moved up into the higher weight class which was a justified choice as I won the squat, bench press and deadlift setting a British record in the squat and managing to hit 9/9 lifts so it was near perfect. As I won the British I had the opportunity the represent Great Britain in this years internationals! I had 10 weeks to get ready for the world championships in Germany. Training stepped up yet another level where I was working harder then ever before. My confidence was flowing and when I got to Germany I knew it would be a success. The morning of the comp I got up for breakfast at the comp hotel and the whole place was buzzing and I felt so proud to be there. We got to the venue and the nerves hit me and I think 90% of the other lifters. It was a waiting game waiting for the flights and time to be posted I got mine and it was soon time to warm up! The warm up was the worst warm up I've ever done, my legs felt tired and every thing felt heavy. Warm up was over my confidence is down and I'm [...]

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Coffee Machines Scotland

When one thinks of Scotland it is generally with a vision of wild highland scenery with eerie lochs and rocky mountainsides. The picture book image given by the travel companies does exist in many areas but Scotland is much more than its promotional image. It is a vibrant and bustling country with a history of both romantic and warlike people fighting for freedom and the right to rule their own country. This is true not only of the past but it has crept into the present and will no doubt appear again in the future. Its major cities being Edinburgh the cultural capitol, Glasgow the industrial lead and Aberdeen and Dundee in the north complimenting the others, with tourism and culture running hand in hand with industry. For the companies like Cool Beans Coffee UK who supply Coffee Machines in Scotland this is a land of opportunity. The commercial outlets in the major cities need a variety of machines including the Bean to Cup for small businesses such as car showrooms, supermarket cafes, larger offices, conference centres, cinemas, and many others. The Espresso Machines go into catering outlets of which here are many. Where there is industry and tourism visitors need to have places to relax, eat and drink which therefore ensures that the catering industry is kept busy supplying this market. Coffee Machines in Scotland are as important as any other piece of machinery in our modern world. The sign of the times is predominantly displayed in the amount of specialist coffee shops which have sprung up during the past decade. To compete with these venues cafes and restaurants have to be able to provide the same quality of coffee as the specialists. This [...]

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Commercial Espresso Machines

Commercial Espresso Machines are the mainstay of the catering industry in UK and in fact throughout the world. Most restaurants, eateries, cafes and premises where coffee is sold with a member of staff making the coffee, will use Commercial Espresso Machines. These machines range from 1 group to 4 group models and can be either semi automatic or Automatic. The Semi- Automatic machines are for use by experienced Barista’s or staff who have a good knowledge of coffee making and experience of making the types of coffee drinks popular in today’s culture. They allow the operator scope to alter the amount of coffee flowing into the cup as the operation is manual. The fully automatic machines are perfect for those who have little or no experience as they can be programmed to produce the perfect cup of coffee for all occasions a the touch of a button. 1 group Commercial Espresso Machines are ideal for places such as sandwich shops, public houses, car showrooms or even kitchen show rooms, for example, venues where coffee is and addition to the main purpose of the business. If the owner wishes to offer a cup of coffee while a customer is waiting or as in incentive to stay longer and explore different options this could be an excellent way of allowing them to linger while enjoying a freshly brewed coffee and considering further purchases. 2 group Commercial Espresso Machines are generally found in restaurants and cafes where coffee is a large part of the business. Again these tend to be automatic machines as staff are not generally trained baristas in these venues. Many busy cafes and restaurants recognise that the last thing a customer consumes will colour the [...]

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