Bean to Cup Machines


Generally a fully automatic push button espresso machine with a large amount of computerised components inside. These can come in all shapes and sizes, brand names and qualities, but with one thing in common. They do everything for you. These are an advantage where high staff turnover is the norm or staff training is an issue. They dispense a consistent quality of beverage and can be programmed to the recipe and cup size of your choice. The only downside to these machines is the price (due to the computerised element) and the number of cups available either at once or per hour. They are available with either fresh or powdered milk. All this is dependent on make and model.

Time to make a coffee is an average of 20-30 seconds.

Ideal venues for a Bean to Cup: Fast food outlets, Bakeries, Small Cafes, Salons, Waiting rooms etc.

Traditional Espresso Machines


The traditional espresso machine is the weapon of choice for the serious Barista. Most models of this type have a separate grinder to grind your coffee beans, group handles to put the coffee into and are operated manually by the user. These have steam wands which the Barista uses to froth the milk and add to the espresso, making the drink of your choice. They can often make 2, 4 or six coffees at once and have large solid boilers for plenty of steam. If maintained properly, these have a lifespan of 10 years plus and will give you the best tasting drinks, although nowadays some of the modern Bean to Cup models come a close second. The advantages of these machines are that they can cope with busy periods and are more diverse than some of the Bean to Cup machinery. There are semi automatic or automatic machines. What this means is that the coffee either stops at the correct dose automatically in the automatic models or you have to stop it yourself when it is semi automatic. Staff training is required but the Traditional Espresso is more versatile and more suited to the discerning coffee buff.

Time to make a coffee is an average of 20-30 seconds depending on experience.

Ideal venues for Traditional espresso machines: Medium to large coffee shops, Restaurants and places where the user wants to make specialised drinks to suit the client manually. They are ideally suited to the busy venue where a high volume of milk frothing is required.

Instant Coffee Machines


The instant coffee machine range of machines can give you a specialised drink at the touch of a button, but these are made with instant coffee and powdered products from canisters generally. These machines are perfect for people who want to serve speciality coffee without the fuss of having to use fresh produce in the machine. The main advantage of these machines is the price and time they need to make a drink, from 10 to 20 seconds. These are by far the quickest solution to coffee making.