rental machines

Coffee machine leasing made easy

The rental of a coffee machine is sometimes the best way forward for a café or hotel owner who struggles to cope with cash flow in an uncertain economic climate such as we have experienced over the last few years.

Many people have found that the best way forward is to spread out payments either by renting or taking on a lease purchase agreement over a set period of time.

Cool Beans Coffee is partnered with a firm who import Italia Automatic Espresso machines. They are traditional models in one two and three group sizes and fully automatic, adjusting to height for takeaway options if required.   These machines are not only robust and very reliable but their gleaming exterior is very pleasing to look at.

Renting a Coffee machine is one way of ensuring that you always have an engineer on hand in case of breakdown, which happily, with the Italia machines is a rare occurrence but nothing can be worse for business than the breakdown of equipment at a really busy time and then to be told that there is no one available to repair the machine or help for a week or so depending on the area you happen to be in.

Cool Beans covers the country with its rental scheme.   As with most rental agreements it has the proviso that you purchase our excellent Caffe Bramano beans for use with the machine.   These are top quality blends which will suit all tastes.

If you think that renting an Italia Espresso coffee machine would be a good way forward for your business, especially if you have been refused credit to enter into a lease purchase agreement or cannot get a loan to purchase outright, then give us a call and we will discuss all aspects of your requirements and will be able to help, in most cases, by supplying the equipment you need to keep you business running smoothly or in the case of a new start get up and running without a hitch.