N.W. Coffee Machines Suppliers service the North West of England which includes the beautiful Lakes District and its tourism industry, three major cities of Lancaster, Preston and Manchester, although strictly speaking Manchester its has own specific Greater Manchester area but is in close proximity therefore can be included.

For those N.W. Coffee Machine Suppliers working in the area it is clear that although a good part of the area is scenic and not highly populated, the major towns and cities have plenty of scope for the sale of Coffee Machines of all kinds. Blackpool with its hundreds of Hotels and entertainment centres is one of the largest markets for N.W. Coffee Machine Suppliers and Cool Beans Coffee UK being based there is one of the main players. The challenge for all N.W. Coffee Machine Suppliers is the range of equipment needed to cover the variety of venues in not only the tourist areas but the industrial and commercial venues as well. Under commercial I include places like large offices, hospitals, universities, colleges, health centres, libraries and all the other places that have to supply coffee and other beverages to their customers.

The most popular machines for restaurants, cafes, specialist coffee shops and some of the larger bars and entertainment centres are Espresso machines. These come in a range of sizes from 1 group to 4 group for the very busy large specialist coffee venues and are either automatic or semi automatic. The automatic machine is generally used by those not barista trained and give a consistent quality drink with measured doses. For those who are barista trained, the semi automatic allows them to vary the strength and coffee dose by manually judging how much is dispensed into the cup.

The other type of coffee machine which uses beans is the bean to cup automatic machine which uses coffee beans to give the quality required by the discerning coffee drinker but also allows for other beverages to be dispensed at the touch of a button.

It automatically makes Lattes, Cappuccinos, Americanos and many other popular drinks as well as hot chocolate and tea options. Many of these types of machines are used in supermarket cafeterias, hospital waiting rooms, libraries, and other places where it is required that the customer serves themselves. These can be fitted with coin operation and are very useful where many people need to be served quickly and without fuss. They are often seen in Railway stations and Airports.

Vending machines are the last option, these are something everyone is aware of and in the past have had a poor reputation for dispensing lower quality beverages. This is no longer the case as not only has technology moved on but coffee production has moved with it. The instant ingredients used in these machines can be good quality and worthy of being classed as a Nice Coffee.

Cool Beans Coffee UK is in a prime position to offer all these types of machine, whichever the buyer requires. In addition they have a specialist range of coffee beans in the Caffe Bramano brand to be used with the machines required. As a N.W. Coffee Machine Supplier they pride themselves not only of the quality of service and range of coffee equipment but also the supply of perfect ingredients for their customers to enjoy.
If you require a N.W. Coffee Machine Supplier for your business, look no further, Cool Beans Coffee UK can supply all your needs.