Coffee Machine Suppliers are based all over the world but most of the espresso machines originate in Italy. The manufacturing companies in Italy have expanded into other countries and have factories producing the machines is those areas. In Britain most of the Espresso machines we have are imported and distributed through Coffee Companies like Cool Beans Coffee UK who is one of the Coffee Machine Suppliers in the country who service the whole of England, Scotland and Wales.

There are only three types of Coffee machine used commercially in this country and they are the Espresso Machines, The Bean to Cup machines and the Vending machines. Coffee Machine Suppliers need to be able to access all types in order to satisfy the needs of the diverse requirements of venues in the UK. The majority of outlets who serve food, such as cafés and restaurants will use the Espresso machine as this is the one which will cope with high output and is sturdy and reliable.

Although there are many kinds of Espresso machines some of the most popular are La Spaziale, Rancilio, Fracino, La Marzocco, Stafco, Cimbali and Gaggia. These come in 1,2,3, and 4 group machines dependent on the business of the venue to be supplied both in Automatic and Semi automatic form. Bean to Cup machines are become much more common as they are easily suited to venues such as supermarket cafeteria’s where the customer serves themselves. These are also now popular in offices and commercial venues and they are often fitted with coin operation where the vendor wants to have a really good cup of coffee for the traffic through his building and does not wish to use a traditional vending machine. Some of the best known Bean to Cup machines in UK are the Jura, Fracino, WMF, Darenthmjs and Black and White machines. Next in line is the Vending machine which we all know is used in many places such as hospitals, very large high turnover hotels where room service is not available, railway stations, theatres, Arenas, Universities and Colleges, to name but a few. These machines in the early days had a poor reputation and dispensed mediocre drinks which few people enjoyed. In modern times they have improved to give a good quality drink from good standard ingredients.

Coffee Machine Suppliers, like Cool Beans Coffee UK, need to be able to supply not only the machine but all the accessories required for the machine to function efficiently. We sell grinders, Knockout boxes, water filtration systems, thermometers, and frothing jugs, and a variety of ingredients of a high quality all incorporated into a complete package with promotional items including delivery and installation to help our customers get started or to improve an ongoing business. Our packages are competitively priced and feedback from our customers indicates that they appreciate the completeness of the purchase. For all types of machine it is important that Coffee Machine Suppliers make available for their clients a method of payment compatible with today’s economic climate. Leasing options are essential and getting the best deal for them to purchase is paramount.

So, in general if Coffee Machine Suppliers can offer a variety of machines of each type mentioned previously, acceptable finance and a complete purchase package, if required, then they will be successful in achieving a good reputation for efficiency and customer care. Cool Beans Coffee UK is one of these companies successfully operating in the Coffee and Coffee Machine market.