Coffee Shop Coffee Machines come in all different shapes and sizes. The two main types are Espresso Machines and Bean to Cup machines.

However, dependent on the size and location of the venue these also come in a variety of sizes and capacity.
Espresso Coffee Shop Coffee Machines would normally be either the two group machine which handles small to large coffee shops with each group handle making two cups of coffee at the same time. These machines are generally made in Italy or made to an Italian design.

The cafe on the high street is where you would normally see these particular machines. Hotels, Bars, Cinema’s and other venues where coffee is not the main ingredient sold find the two group espresso adequate for their trade. Larger machines, the three and four group machines are found in the specialist coffee shops around the country, mainly in the larger chains such as Starbucks and Cafe Nero where the main item selling is coffee.

The espresso machines found in UK tend to be mainly two group and supplied under a variety of brand names such as La Spaziale, Rancilio, Fracino, La Marzocca, Faema, Expobar, Stafco and many others. Al the machines can be produced in either Automatic or semi automatic form. The semi automatic machine tends to be for the use of Barista trained staff who are able to vary the strength of the brew manually to alter the flavour of the drink. The automatic machine gives a consistent and perfect cup of coffee every time.

The other type of Coffee Shop Coffee Machines are the Bean to Cup models made to be user friendly and which produce drinks at the push of a button. These are quite sophisticated pieces of equipment with computerised rather than the mechanical parts of the espresso machines. In these machines the grinder for the coffee is integrated into the system which makes the automatic process of preparing a speciality drink very simple. The machine is programmed to make the drinks to order by pressing the appropriate command.

The Bean to Cup machines are not as popular as Coffee Shop Coffee Machines as the espresso machines mainly because they do not look like a traditional coffee machine which most people associate with good quality beverages. They do however produce an excellent cup of coffee from the freshly ground beans in the integrated hoppers. It may be the fact that they use powdered creamer rather than fresh milk or cream which makes some customers shy away from them. There are some Bean to Cup machines such as the WMF or Jura models have milk coolers attached but these tend to only dispense coffee rather than the variety needed in many areas.

There are of course many other types of coffee making equipment although it is rare than any of these will be used as Coffee Shop Coffee Machines. There are the Bulk brew coffee makers which normally are found in hotels where diners sit down together and large quantities are needed at the same time. These are also useful in places like works canteens and large conference centres. The coffee used in these machines is pre-ground and if put through a small pour over machine would be known as filter coffee. The only one generally seen in coffee shops other than the espresso or bean to cup machines are the cafetiere jugs where the coffee is made at the table in individual pots although these could not really be classed as Coffee Shop Coffee Machines.

As a rule of thumb anyone looking for Coffee Shop Coffee Machines would be looking for the traditional Espresso machine which is a sturdy workhorse with little to go wrong if kept clean and well maintained.