Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines are used all over the world. They mainly originate from Italy and many companies in Italy still manufacture and produce the majority of machines sold throughout the globe. Some have expanded into other countries and have set up manufacturing facilities there but many still export to distributers or subsidiary companies based overseas.

The practical use of these Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines is wherever large quantities of coffee are consumed and a member of staff is available to dispense the drinks. Basic training on the usage of the machine is normally given on installation although full barista training is advisable where specialist coffees are an option.

The machines come in various sizes, those venues that only require under 50 coffees per day but want to have a good freshly ground coffee to offer their customers would use a one group machine. The alternative to this would be a Bean to Cup machine which although it would give more options such as Hot Chocolate and dispensed drinks at the touch of a button doesn’t normally offer a fresh milk or cream facility and would be considerably more expensive to purchase.

The Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines most commonly used in the UK are two group machines which are perfectly adequate to cover most restaurants, cafes and bars, even busy ones, which sell food. These are available in Automatic and Semi Automatic, Compact, Tall or useable with LPG gas. The Semi automatic allows staff to operate the machine manually in order to adjust the strength to a customer’s taste.

It is normally Barista qualified staff who operate these machines. The automatic machines are pre-programmed to dispense a standard dose of coffee therefore ensuring a consistent cup of coffee regardless of who is operating the machine. The compact machine as it suggests is slightly smaller in size for venues where there is limited space, it is just as efficient but could have a slightly less powerful boiler than its larger sister. Tall machines are built to accommodate the large take away cups for venues where coffee is made mainly to take away and drink off the premises. Some machines are built to be adjustable for both standard and tall functionality.

The three group Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines are mainly for use within the specialist coffee shops such as the big chains which have sprung up though out the world in the last decade. These large capacity machines will handle very big volumes of coffee making and cope with hundreds of cups per day. It will be obvious that these machines are an integral part of the business for all coffee shops and restaurants. It is therefore essential that they are kept clean and maintained regularly.

Being mostly mechanical there is very little to go wrong with the machines as long as they are kept clean and the parts are looked after. Most venues will have a routine each evening to ensure all the dispensing parts are stripped and cleaned overnight before re assembling prior to opening the following day. Apart from making sure the equipment is kept fully functional, it is important that customers see their drink being made with a coffee machine which looks pristine. Nothing looks worse in a food or drink venue than unhygienic equipment. Being mainly stainless steel an espresso machine is easily kept up to standard.

Suppliers of Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines are situated in many parts of Britain. The importers generally sell through distributers like Cool Beans Coffee who have access to many brands of Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines including Rancilio, La Spaziale, La Marzocca, Faema and Italia among others. If you need advice on which machine would suit your business, give us a call.