Commercial Espresso Machines are the mainstay of the catering industry in UK and in fact throughout the world. Most restaurants, eateries, cafes and premises where coffee is sold with a member of staff making the coffee, will use Commercial Espresso Machines.

These machines range from 1 group to 4 group models and can be either semi automatic or Automatic. The Semi- Automatic machines are for use by experienced Barista’s or staff who have a good knowledge of coffee making and experience of making the types of coffee drinks popular in today’s culture. They allow the operator scope to alter the amount of coffee flowing into the cup as the operation is manual. The fully automatic machines are perfect for those who have little or no experience as they can be programmed to produce the perfect cup of coffee for all occasions a the touch of a button.

1 group Commercial Espresso Machines are ideal for places such as sandwich shops, public houses, car showrooms or even kitchen show rooms, for example, venues where coffee is and addition to the main purpose of the business. If the owner wishes to offer a cup of coffee while a customer is waiting or as in incentive to stay longer and explore different options this could be an excellent way of allowing them to linger while enjoying a freshly brewed coffee and considering further purchases.

2 group Commercial Espresso Machines are generally found in restaurants and cafes where coffee is a large part of the business. Again these tend to be automatic machines as staff are not generally trained baristas in these venues. Many busy cafes and restaurants recognise that the last thing a customer consumes will colour the impression of the whole experience and therefore like to offer a really good quality coffee at the end of the meal. It might only be a lunch time snack or afternoon tea but the principle is the same. It certainly applies when a nice meal in the evening is rounded off with a good coffee. If the coffee is poor quality and doesn’t taste nice the customer is likely to judge the whole meal as poor because of the final cup of coffee. Restauranteurs globally recognise this and do try to ensure they serve only the best.

3and 4 group Commercial Espresso Machines tend to be used in venues where coffee is the main purpose of the business such as the large specialist coffee shops found in shopping malls, airports, railway stations, and ferry terminals. These are places where a customer usually only wants to have a cup of coffee and a light snack while on the move or having a break from work or shopping. These venues have a fast turnover of customers and need a machine which will allow several cups of coffee to be made at once and where two or three members of staff are working behind a counter using the same machine.

Commercial Espresso Machines are made in different parts of the world but mainly stem from Italy or from where an Italian company has expanded to produce their machines in another country. They are normally very robust and reliable being mechanical rather than computerised like the Bean to Cup machines. They do have some computerised components but in the main are sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and will last for many years if treated well , kept clean and maintained on a regular basis.