The La Spaziale S5 coffee machine is a great looking piece of equipment for any traditional coffee shop. It is Available as a fully automatic version or a semi – automatic. This is a serious bit of kit for the experienced or novice Barista. With a sleek elegance and a classic Italian look, it is one of our favourites in the La Spaziale range. It is extremely functional in everyday usage and partially customisable.

What makes La Spaziale special is the patented heat exchange system. This heats the brewing water with steam, which is a reliable method. It also helps to avoid a build up of limescale.

Specific points to the La Spaziale S5

Heat Exchange System

Temperature control on the group heads

2 reliable steam wands and water outlet.

Electronic water boiler temperature regulation and steam and water operation with levers, making it user friendly. Automatic temperature boost and boiler temperature led lighting.

The different versions of this machine include the Takeaway model ( T.A ). This allows for the use of larger glasses or takeaway cups under the group handles. Making it easier to pour takeaway drinks. The Fully automatic version ( E.K ) and the manual model.

Most of our clients use the E.K version.

A great feature of these machines is the ability to find the sweet spot of your particular coffee bean by adjusting the temperature yourself. This allows you to be in control without the need for an engineer.
The Standard measurements for a La Spaziale S5 Coffee machine, E.K 2 Group are as follows.

Dimensions 770x530x520
Weight 65
Boiler capacity 10

Power supply and power absorption Volt 400/220/240
Hz 50/60
W 3500
W+ 4500

The La Spaziale S5 Coffee Machine is a great all round espresso machine for the novice and expert alike.

Prices available on request.