One of the most popular ways of getting ready to replace or invest in coffee equipment is Leasing Coffee Machines.   Leasing companies recognise the need to lease purchase expensive items of equipment and will give very reasonably priced deals to assist buyers with their purchases.

Cool Beans Coffee UK has negotiated with reputable and reasonably priced leasing companies to help their clients get the best possible lease agreement when the need arises.   Leasing Coffee Machines is by far the most used method of stocking a venue where good quality and reliable machinery is required.   The packages of equipment to stock the shop are all covered by the Leasing Coffee Machines agreement and allows the customer to get going quickly and efficiently with really good quality equipment to enhance not only the look of the venue but to produce the best cup of coffee for his customers.

When quoting for any type of machine Cool Beans Coffee UK can give an approximate cost of the Lease purchase over, 1, 3 or 5 years giving a daily rate, a weekly rate and a monthly rate. This of course is minus VAT but will give the purchaser an Idea of just how much it will cost so that he/she can work out how much coffee they will have to sell to cover the cost of the lease purchase payments. It is normally around three or four cups of coffee per day with the rest being profit.

Leasing Coffee Machines is a very simple process.   Once the decision has been made to use a lease purchase system Cool Beans Coffee will ask the leasing company to contact the buyer.   The Leasing Company then makes sure that the buyer meets all the relevant criteria and assuming that they do, then the paper work can be processed and the request for credit sent to the underwriters for approval.   On completion of the paperwork and the contracts being signed the machinery will be installed.   After installation the Leasing Company contacts the buyer to ensure they are happy with the equipment and once it is signed off the buyer will start paying the monthly fees and the vendor will be paid.

Below are some of the benefits of Lease Purchase. For example:

Leasing v Cash

By paying cash, the amount you can deduct from

your tax bill is limited to capital allowances on the

purchase. Also don’t forget the interest (or other

return on capital employed – “ROCE”) that is lost.

Cash Price £12,560.00

Less tax relief £1,183.31

Plus lost ROCE £4,157.36

Net cost of paying cash £15,534.05

By leasing you will get tax relief on every payment

Total Rentals £15,328.08

Less tax relief £3,218.91

Net cost of lease option £12,109.17

And you are improving cash flow, the life blood of your business.