Coffee is now one of the most popular drinks in the UK and is to be found in many different forms. Coffee Beans in hundreds of blends grace the coffee houses of our island and can be made to produce several different types of coffee drink such as Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Espresso, and variations on these delicious beverages.

However, UK Coffee Suppliers are able to produce not only the beans but ground or instant versions as well. After the raw coffee beans arrive in the country they are processed in roasting plants which not only roast the beans but blend them to arrive at many different flavours to suit every palate. Coffee from all over the world is blended together making these special mixes which could be from Ethiopia and Kenya, or Brazil and Jamaica or virtually any other combination required to get the right taste and strength for the customer throughout the UK.

The term UK Coffee Suppliers could mean the farmers who send the raw beans to us, the shippers who bring it from other parts of the globe or the roasters themselves. It is usually connected with firms like Cool Beans Coffee UK who buy from the roasters the processed coffee and sell to the catering industry and others who have need of the end product.

UK Coffee Suppliers can usually provide blended coffee beans, ground coffee blends or instant coffees for various types of coffee machines whether they be espresso, bean to cup or vending machines which use the instant varieties. Cool Beans Coffee UK, as one of these companies, not only supplies all these types of coffees but the equipment to make the drinks. Whether a large 3 or 4 group espresso machine is needed for a specialist coffee shop or a small vending machine for a doctor’s waiting room, we can arrange for a speedy installation.

Many UK Coffee Suppliers concentrate only on the supply of coffee but those who are serious contenders in the coffee market make sure they are able to supply any coffee related item, from machinery to accessory ingredients such as biscuits or mints for an after dinner coffee or sugar, cream or syrups for those customers who like to have the whole package delivered together.

Contacting UK Coffee Suppliers is something many people find difficult as not all websites make it clear just what is on offer. Choose a company such as Cool Beans who clearly set out what they can offer and also are willing to discuss your needs and give advice, not only on the type of coffee your customers might want depending on the venue but also the most cost effective machinery with different options for purchase or rental.

Cool Beans Coffee UK has customers all round the country, despite being based in Lancashire near to the famous Blackpool Tower, coffee customers are happy to purchase our Caffe Bramano range of coffees and chocolate finding them to be top quality and offering a good variety of strengths and blends. Private label is also available to those customers who like to advertise their own business in a productive way. As a recognised UK Coffee Supplier Cool Beans is proud to be a company who wants only the best for its customers and strives to ensure only quality and good service are on offer.