Our sponsored athlete and his story so far ….

Well its been a year since my last blog and what a year of success I’ve had!

I started the year training under the guidance of Britain’s strongest man runner up and euros strongest man bronze medalist Graham Hicks and my training went to a new level.

First comp of the year was the British finals in march where a place on the British team for this years internationals was at stake. I had moved up into the higher weight class which was a justified choice as I won the squat, bench press and deadlift setting a British record in the squat and managing to hit 9/9 lifts so it was near perfect.

As I won the British I had the opportunity the represent Great Britain in this years internationals! I had 10 weeks to get ready for the world championships in Germany. Training stepped up yet another level where I was working harder then ever before. My confidence was flowing and when I got to Germany I knew it would be a success. The morning of the comp I got up for breakfast at the comp hotel and the whole place was buzzing and I felt so proud to be there. We got to the venue and the nerves hit me and I think 90% of the other lifters. It was a waiting game waiting for the flights and time to be posted I got mine and it was soon time to warm up! The warm up was the worst warm up I’ve ever done, my legs felt tired and every thing felt heavy. Warm up was over my confidence is down and I’m up for my first squat, BOOM I hit it to perfection and my confidence was back. I was going for a new British record for my second lift and I got it and I was ecstatic. Third and final lift was a massive pb and id never attempted the weight before, the win was already mine and I had a new British record so I had no pressure. I got it and was junior under 100kg world squat champion.

The next day was the bench press which I was so buzzing from the day before I felt no pressure. I came 2nd with a new comp personal best so a gold and silver from a world championship was out of this world.

My next comps training was filled with injuries. My first was a torn bicep whilst swimming on holiday, second was ligament damage to my ankle and on the morning of the squat I pulled my hamstring in the warm up.
This was the euro championship in Ireland my 2nd international of the year.
like I said training hadn’t gone well but I knew id still give it a right good go.
Warm up for the squat on day one went bad as I felt a pop in my hammie, I stretched out and knew if I got my first lift in it would be enough for the win. I got it and then went for a new British record but missed it twice but still took the win by 15kg! The next day was the bench press where I gave a good account upping my comp personal best and winning my 2nd gold of the weekend!

Two weeks after I had my British qualifier where I went with my injuries and I won my class qualified comfortably so I can try and defend my titles next year. My next comp is at the end of November where I am hoping to set a new bench press British record and hopefully add another title to my collection!

My titles so far are

2012 t3 under 90kg northern champion
2013 jnr under 90kg British squat and
2013 jnr under 90kg British bench press champion
2013 jnr under 90kg euro squat runner up
2013 jnr under 90kg euro bench bronze
2013 jnr under 100kg northern champion
2013 jnr under 100kg north east champion
2014 jnr under 100kg British squat champion
2014 jnr under 100kg British bench press champion
2014 jnr under 100kg British deadlift champion
2014 jnr under 100kg World squat champion
2014 jnr under 100kg World bench press runner up
2014 jnr under 100kg euro Squat champion
2014 jnr under 100kg euro Bench champion
2014 jnr under 100kg northern champion
British jnr under 100kg squat record 205kg 451lbs


My aims next year are to start equipped lifting and hopefully hit 2 world and euro records and 4 more British records.

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I would like to thank Cool Beans Coffee for supporting me
A massive thanks to Woodhouse opticians for sponsoring me for my 3 internationals
GoHam clothing for my sponsorship
And everyone else who’ve helped me out

Yiannis #Beast Verenakis